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Our products

Sweetone ®

Sweetone ® INCI NAME: Saccharide Hydrolysate and Maltodextrin


Sweetone ® reduces redness and the synthesis of melanin, making skin look perfect again.

Soothing effect: Sweetone ® can globally modulate inflammation

Action on non-specific and vascular inflammation (in-vitro tests, keratinocytes, 0.05% Hydrolysate of Schisandra) - see below : IL1 beta and VEGF release

Sweetone ® globally modulates inflammation and slows the proliferation of endothelial cells, thus helping to reduce skin imperfections, such as redness. - see below : proliferation of endothelial cells treated by VEGF

Unifying effect: Sweetone ® can modulate melanogenesis

The effects of ultraviolet light, the ageing process and inflammatory stress can all result in pigmentation disorders. Sweetone ® is able to modulate these pigmentation disorders thanks to:

- the effect it has on limiting the synthesis of melanin: 25% less (in-vitro test, melanocytes,
0.05% HS) - see below: Melanin synthesis (Melanocytes)

- the effects it has on the dendricity of melanocytes: inhibits PGE2 from being released (35% reduction, in-vitro test, keratinocytes, 0.05% HS). PGE2, a lipid inflammation mediator, stimulates the dendricity of melanocytes, increasing the transfer of melanocyte melanin to the keratinocytes.
So Sweetone ® can potentially limit the spread of melanin in skin. - see below: PGE2 release

Thanks to this dual action, Sweetone ® can modulate the appearance of spots and dyschromia, creating a unifying effect on the complexion.

Most non-homogenous complexions are caused by skin redness.
Using the randomised clinical trial, double-blind versus placebo, we have been able to demonstrate the benefits of Sweetone® in reducing redness and creating a more uniform complexion. The assessment was carried out using an innovative technique that involved analysing images from photos taken in cross polarised light.

60 women (with an average age of 36), divided into 2 homogenous groups, with sensitive skin and established redness, applied a cream containing either 0.5% Sweetone® or the placebo for a period of 56 days. They applied the cream twice per day.

Ability to reduce redness: measurement of the surface area covered by the blood vessels - see tab below

Ability to homogenise the complexion: measurement of contrast
Reducing contrast results in a more uniform complexion. - See pictures below

Self-assessment (% of satisfaction after 56 days).
The results obtained are confirmed by the volunteers:
- Sweetone ® limits the appearance of new diffuse redness ---------------- 83%
- Sweetone ® reduces the intensity of diffuse redness ------------------------ 76%
- Sweetone ® limits the appearance of new localised redness ------------- 69%

Sweetone® is a concentrate of active molecules that result from the enzymatic hydrolysis of these dried and defatted berries. After freeze-drying, we obtain a stabilised powder on an organic maltodextrin carrier, free of preservatives. This green process is in keeping with the natural character of the fruit. Sweetone®, a dry, water-soluble extract has a unique composition of peptides, sugars and hydroxy-acids.

Sweetone® is approved for the formulation of finished products certified by Ecocert.