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Avocado oil

AVOCADO OIL INCI NAME: Persea gratissima (avocado) oil

The steps of neutralization, decoloring and deodorizing are followed by a winterization. The avocado oil is maintained in the cold for several days and is clarified by filtering high melting point glycerides.
This additional step furnishes an oil that remains clear after 2 hours at-5°C.

Avocados are first sliced and dried before extracting the oil under pressure.
The procedure for extracting the oil has been defined and controlled by the Laboratoires EXPANSCIENCE for growers in the producing countries.

The rheological and solubilizing properties of avocado oil make it an ideal excipient for cosmetic formulation.
The balanced composition of avocado oil, (fatty acids, essential fatty acids, unsaponifiables) makes it a product of choice for the care of sensitive or atonic skin. Its affinity for the skin and its very good acceptability make it an excellent component for the formulation of products destined for lipid-depleted, dehydrated and lusterless skin.

ACID VALUE ---------------------- ≤ 2 mg KOH/g
PEROXYDE VALUE ------------ ≤ 7 meq O2 / Kg
------------absorbance at 670 nm ≤ 0,05
------------absorbance at 460 nm ≤ 0,15
DENSITY AT 20°C --------------------------- 0,910 - 0,920
REFRACTIVE INDEX AT 20°C ------------ 1,4650 - 1,4740
BEHAVIOR IN COLD ------------------------ absence of cloudiness after 2 hours at -5°C

UNSAPONIFIABLE CONTENT ------------ 0,5 to 2,5%

MYRISTIC ACID (C14) ---------------------- <0,3%
PALMITIC ACID (C16) ---------------------- 12 to 25%
PALMITOLEIC ACID (C16') ---------------- 3 to 10%
MARGARIC ACID (C17 TOT.) -------------- <0,3%
STEARIC ACID (C18) ------------------------ traces
OLEIC ACID (C18') --------------------------- 45 to 75%
LINOLEIC ACID (C18'') ---------------------- 6 to 18%
LINOLENIC ACID (C18''') -------------------- <5%
ARACHIDONIC ACID (C20) ----------------- <1%
ERUCIC ACID (C22') ------------------------- <0,7%

STORAGE: In an inert atmosphere, away from light, below 25° C. Avocado oil is strictly and only dedicated to cosmetic applications (topic)