Protecting, anti-ageing: UV, IR & Blue Light

A ray of sunshine for your skin



Patented active ingredient from molecular distillation process

Concentrate of noble molecules extracted from wheat germ oil and Lupine oil


Protects the skin against oxidative stress

generated by daily exposition to light: IR, UV and blue light


Preserves cell integrity and functions

prevents the degradation of DNA, cell membranes and proteins


Preserves skin firmness and elasticity

prevents the harmful effects of IR, UV and blue light

CSR and method

A concentrate of precious molecules, the unsaponifiable elements of the wheat germ, combined with lupin oil.


The wheat germ is the “living” part of the seed containing all of the components necessary for the plant’s future growth. The oil extracted from the wheat germ is widely used in cosmetics and food products for its nutritional properties, and because it is rich in essential fatty acids (72%) and vitamin E.


Lupin is a legume whose seeds are very high in protein and contain secondary oil and minor biologically active components. This plant is an important source of molecules for cosmetic and nutritional products.


α-LUPALINE®  is a concentrate of precious molecules, the unsaponifiable elements of the wheat germ, combined with lupin oil. The unsaponifiable element of the wheat oil is extracted using molecular distillation, an original patented process developed by recognised experts at the Laboratoires Expanscience.


Example of our responsible actions:

  • helps stimulate the economy of South West France, where lupin is grown according to sustainable agriculture principles.
  • use of a "green" production process: molecular distillation is a physical process for concentrating the most noble molecules and the most fragile oils.

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