What about tomorrow?

A commitment to CSR for over 20 years

Fière d'être BCorp à Expanscience

Our CSR ImpACT strategy

Expanscience has been committed to a voluntary CSR approach since 2004. As a company with a mission, we structure our action around our raison d'être "helping individuals to shape their well-being" and commit ourselves to voluntarily contributing to the common good within the framework of the Pacte law.

With our CSR impACT strategy, we are setting ambitious goals to accelerate our transition to a positive impact and regenerative company.

Discover our ImpACT strategy

Our ambition for tomorrow?

To become a positively impactful and regenerative company. 

This means that we act so that our activities, products and services preserve resources while leaving as little impact as possible on ecosystems, or even contribute to their restoration and create social and societal value.

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Concretely for Cosmetic Active Ingredients,

We are committed to preserving, protecting and restoring biodiversity while supporting regenerative agriculture.

Biodiversite 03 (bicolore)


of our assets will continue to preserve and protect biodiversity by furthering its restoration and supporting regenerative agriculture by 2040.

Upcycling (bicolore)


of our new assets will be developed using a biomimetic and/or upcycling approach by 2040.

Brevet (bicolore)


of our assets will be certified Organic, Fair for Life or Fair Wild by 2030.

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At Laboratoires Expanscience, our "raison d'être" is to help individuals shape their well-being. We are convinced that this well-being is inseparable from the health of the planet and that companies have an essential role to play in preserving it.

Our impAct program marks the trajectory of our company towards 2030/2040.

More specifically for the Cosmetic Active ingredients division, we are committed to preserving, protecting & restoring biodiversity and supporting regenerative agriculture, and to support the CSR transformation of our stakeholders.