Why are we Indie friendly?

Our product offer is adapted to the needs of Indie brands:


  • Our active ingredients are 100% natural, objectified and patented
  • Our oily, powder and aqueous forms allow us to produce all types of cosmetics
  • Our sourcing is reliable, traceable and secure with good partnerships
  • Our small packagings are adapted to small scale launches

We know that when you start a business, you need to be able to rely on your partners to feel confident.

Petite plante entourée de mains

Going further together...

With 45 years of experience in the market and in the field of vegetal raw materials, we will be able to meet all your needs and accompany you in your future projects.

L'équipe Actifs sur le salon I Feel Good

Our team accompanies you in your projects...

With a committed team ready to listen to your needs, we will be at your side from the beginning stages to the very launch of your products on the market.

Our different divisions: Regulatory, Sales, Marketing, Quality and Innovation, Research & Development (IR&D) are at your disposal to advise you.

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Together, let's become better companies for the world!

The best time to become BCorp certified is now!

As the first supplier of cosmetic ingredients in the world to become BCorp certified, we will be ready to guide you in your eco-socio-responsibility approach.

We bring you the opportunity to work with a company committed to values similar to yours.


For more information and to access our Indie Friendly brochure, please fill in our contact form precising you'd like to recieve the Indie Guide

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Young independent brands, better known as Indies, represent a growing market share in the French beauty industry. 

Thanks to our offer of sensorial ingredients and active ingredients, our commercial conditions, our marketing and our support; we have identified that we can meet your specific needs. We also have the scientific elements to support our efficacy data, in vitro tests and clinical studies, an important point for Indie brands that often do not have an efficacy laboratory. For this reason, we have decided to call ourselves "Indie Friendly".

We want to help young brands, full of potential for the industry, to grow in good conditions (transparency, eco-socio-responsibility and naturalness).
We don't make distinctions, we don't have "small" clients, we have clients, always with the strength of proximity.