Our innovations

Experts in plant extractions

Since our origins, the plant world has been at the heart of our innovations and development of our active ingredients.

From our responsible sourcing of plant raw materials to the plant extraction processes we use to extract our active ingredients, we work to reconcile safety, naturality and respect for nature.

Distillation moléculaire

Our eco-processes

Our expertise is the result of the involvement of our Innovation, Research & Development (IR&D) team, who are constantly working to improve our eco-processes. 

We are recognized for our mastery of molecular distillation, a process for separating and concentrating the noble molecules of oils, but we also rely on biotechnologies and green extraction processes that allow us to obtain safe and effective active ingredients.

Our objective

To develop techniques and processes that are the most respectful of nature and mankind. This choice of "green" innovation is at the heart of our competitiveness.

Because yes, we believe in responsible innovation!




To take good care of the skin, you need to know it well.

Our expertise in the areas of the skin barrier and the mechanisms of development of the different skin layers is well established and our research programs contribute greatly to this.

coupe de peau
Brevet (bicolore)


patents filed worldwide since 1997

Euro (bicolore)


of cosmetic actives sales are re-invested in our IR&D

Ampoule (bicolore)

3 types of testing

For each of our active ingredients, we study their influence on the skin through in vitro, in vivo and clinical tests.

Epernon, our heart and lungs

Our Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D) and production teams, which represent about 300 people, are located at our production site in Epernon, a small town in the Eure-et-Loir region. This site has always been at the heart of our transformation and development.


From Épernon, all of Expanscience's French know-how is spread throughout the world.
Picture of Epernon, our production site

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For 40 years, our goal has been to offer the most effective and innovative active ingredients. We strive to bring out the finest qualities of each plant while considering the production environment as a whole. We promote cutting-edge ingredients, backed by solid efficacy data, produced by non-denaturing processes, including our unique know-how, molecular distillation.

Our pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic culture differentiates us from other cosmetic ingredient suppliers. Thanks to our IR&D team and their expertise in the field of skin care, we guarantee a rigorous approach to ensure the highest quality, safety, efficacy and stability of our products: our active ingredients are subjected to in-vitro, ex-vivo and clinical tests, enabling us to objectify them and prove their efficacy.

At Laboratoires Expanscience, we use 4 different "green" extraction processes to extract our cosmetic actives from our raw materials. Molecular distillation allows us to extract the most noble molecules from our vegetable oils; the unsaponifiables. We use a hydro-glycolic extraction to extract the natural polyphenols from our plants, just like for our active ingredient AYUREDI®. More recently, we have implemented our supercritical CO2 extraction process, a process that allows us to concentrate the active molecules of lupeol contained in the seed coatings of lupine.

We also offer natural peptides and sugars from the process, enzymatic hydrolysis. Enzymatic hydrolysis is an approved process for the formulation of green products according to COSMOS and E.R.I. 360º standards.