Our sourcings

For each of our supply chains, we strive to reconcile safety, quality as well as respect for life.

Through our partnerships with our various local partners, we are committed to protecting and respecting nature and people.

We are a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) since 2011.
The UEBT is an international, non-profit association that promotes ethical sourcing that respects people and biodiversity, in order to improve sourcing practices.

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With the support of local partners, we have identified several plant sources in Africa, more particularly in Burkina Faso.

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    Our actions in Africa :

    We are committed to preserving biodiversity and contributing to local economic development:

    • Training in good cultivation practices, forestry uses, organic farming
    • Construction of storage warehouses and financing of organic certifications 
    • Support for schooling and creation of a daycare center for children since 2011 in Burkina Faso
    • Creation of a nursery (eucalyptus, baobab, ...) in collaboration with the UAB of Gassan
    lac en Afrique



    In Asia, in collaboration with our local partners, we guarantee the use of good harvesting practices.

    Discover our products from this region:
    AYUREDI®SWEETONE® BioOrganic Illipe Butter
    Chiang Mai Thailande

    Our actions in Asia :

    In 2022, in collaboration with our Chinese partner, we were able to certify our supply chain of Schisandra berries FairWild  for the manufacturing of our Sweetone®Bio active ingredient.

    This certification ensures the respect of good harvesting practices when harvesting wild plants, and guarantees fair trade and decent working conditions for the  employees.

    South America


    In Latin America, we have been working with local partners for over 20 years. We strive to enhance local cultures and focus on protecting local biodiversity while promoting economic development, in 2016 we purchased our Deshidratados Tropicales factory.

    Discover our products from this region :
    Number 6, Skinhairgium® BioPassioline® Ormesia®Macaline®5αAvocuta® TOrganic Virgin Avocado OilVirgin Maracuja OilAvocado OilsCupuaçu ButterAndiroba Oil

    Discover our South American supply chains in video

    Our actions in South America:

    • Valuation of non-exportable avocado fruits and co-products of the fruit juice industry
    • Improvement of the working conditions of the employees (hygiene, health and safety)
    • Transfer of industrial know-how (fruit drying, oil pressing), but also of know-how in terms of CSR
    • Setting of fair and equitable prices. Fair for Life certification of the Maca supply chain



    In France, we are committed to the economic development of the region by producing all of our assets there and contributing to a local dynamic by valorizing co-products from sustainable agriculture, such as prune kernels and lupine shells.

    Discover our products from this region :
    Algaenia®, α-Lupaline® , CO2llageneer®, Soline® BioActimp® Powder BioVirgin Prunus Oil Lupine Oil
    Lupin blanc

    Our actions in France:

    Our responsibility is to control the impact of the production of our products by our factory in Epernon, through strong commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy consumption, while being as little dependent as possible on non-renewable energy.

    All our manufacturing processes are "green": molecular distillation, vegetable extraction, biotechnology.


    Our supply chain certifications

    logo Fair for Life
    Fair for Life

    This program allows us to obtain a certification that ensures social and environmental responsibilities are respected by all operators in the supply chain, that local development is emphasized, and that raw materials are fully traceable.

    Following this approach, two of our supply chains are certified Fair for Life: our maca and our organic illipé.

    Logo FairWild
    Fair Wild

    In 2022, we obtained the FairWild certification for our Chinese Schisandra supply chain for our SWEETONE® Bio active ingredient.

    FairWild ensures that good harvesting practices are used when harvesting wild plants. This protects the resource and its interaction with its surrounding flora and fauna. It also ensures fair trade and decent working conditions for local communities.

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    For more than 20 years, we have implemented a policy of "responsible plant sourcing" based on the good practices respectful of people and biodiversity established by the UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade), and on the respect for international agreements on access to natural resources and human rights. Working in Peru for more than 15 years, we have a processing site on site which has also allowed us to establish close relationships with many local producers.

    Today, we source our raw materials from all over the world and for each of our supply chains, we work to reconcile safety, naturalness and respect for nature.

    For years, we have been striving to control all the impacts - particularly social, economic and environmental - linked to the sourcing of our plant raw materials and the design of our ingredients, while contributing to the economic development of producers.

    We have provided financial and technical support to the Chinese cooperative that harvests Schisandra berries in Sichuan for its FairWild certification. This is the first time that a cooperative has obtained this certification in China. We have also obtained the Fair for Life label for our MACALINE® and SKINHAIRGIUM® Organic actives, sourced from the maca industry in Peru, and for our Organic Illipe Butter sourced in Indonesia.

    By 2030, we want at least half of our active ingredients to be certified.