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A family business, sustainable & committed to CSR!

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A story made in France

Laboratoires Expanscience are a pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory created in 1950. Today, we are proud to work in a committed family business, because we know where we come from and where we are going. This allows us to make strong and often pioneering strategic choices.

An example ? The decision taken in 2004 by our president Jean-Paul Berthomé to voluntarily commit Expanscience to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, with the signing of the United Nations' Global Pact.

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The Cosmetic Active Ingredients activity

We offer the best of nature to the cosmetics industry with innovative active ingredients that preserve and healp restore biodiversity.


Who are we ?

Expanscience's Cosmetic Active Ingredients activity was born in 1977 with the upcycling of our avocado oil, a co-product of our pharmaceutical activity. 

We are a supplier of active and sensory ingredients for cosmetic brands in France and abroad.

But above all, we are a dynamic team, dedicated to accompanying you in your future cosmetic projects.

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photo de l'équipe des Actifs Cosmétiques

Active ingredients for the well-being of body and mind.

With 40 years of experience in the field of plant raw materials, our mastery of technologies such as molecular distillation or plant extraction allows our Innovation, Research and Development (IR&D) team to design cosmetic actives and sensory ingredients of 100% natural origin, contributing to the well-being of body and mind.

Today we offer you a range of cosmetic ingredients, actives and sensorial ingredients to enhance your cosmetic formulas.

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Fleur (bicolore)


of our cosmetic ingredients are of natural origin.

Ampoule (bicolore)


innovative ingredients offered in our catalog.

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countries in which we distribute our products

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Founded in 1950 by the father of the current president of the company, Jean-Paul Berthomé, Laboratoires Expanscience is a family-owned, French, committed and responsible company. Today, Laboratoires Expanscience has 4 activities: Dermo-Cosmetics, Rhumatology, Dermatology and Cosmetic Active Ingredients.

The Cosmetic Active Ingredients department was founded in 1977 following the upcycling of Avocado Oil, a co-product of our pharmaceutical activity. Thanks to this decision, Laboratoires Expanscience launched its activities as a supplier of natural cosmetic ingredients.