What if your dreams came true ?

A reshaped silhouette, a firm and toned skin, a draining action.

  • Macaline®
  • Macaline®
  • Macaline®


Eco-designed active ingredient

Polyphenols of Maca (Lepidium Meyenii)

Sustainable sourcing from Latin America


Helps restore a slender silhouette

Boosts fat-shedding and acts on fibrosis in the hypodermis


Promotes drainage

Targets the key markers involved in microcirculation


Improves skin firmness

Acts on the synthesis and protection of essential components of the dermal matrix


CSR and method

Extract rich in polyphenols, obtained from Maca


Maca, revered for its medicinal properties, grows in fragile soils. This tuber is one of the very rare plants able to survive in the extreme climatic conditions common on the high Andean plateaux. It is commonly called “Peruvian ginseng” for its energising properties.


MACALINE® is an extract rich in polyphenols, obtained from Maca, using an extraction process that protects both people and the environment & patented by Laboratoires Expanscience.


Example of our responsible actions:

  • sourced only from Latin America, its land of origin, to give priority to endemic species.
  • respect for traditional farming practices: the land is cultivated for two years then left fallow for the next ten.
  • transfer of know-how, including technologies for washing and drying at altitude
  • our MACA supply chain is now FAIR FOR LIFE certified by Ecocert !


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