Silhouette Algaenia®

Algaenia®, a soothing active


A cocoon protection for sensitive skins

Soothes, prevents sensitisation & moisturizes


Bio-inspired active ingredient from a patented bio-enzymatic process
Peptides of Chlamydomonas acidophila microalgae
Sustainable sourcing from France

INCI : Glycerin, Propanediol, Water, Chlamydomonas Acidophila Extract

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Modulates inflammation

against stresses and limits its visible effects 

Protects against sensitization & allergic reactions
Comforts sensitive skin

Moisturizes & soothes



*Raw material approved by Ecocert Greenlife, conform to the COSMOS Standard

French supply chain

ALGAENIA® is made of a microalgae cultivated in a reasoned & sustainable way, in which the environment and the biodiversity remains preserved.

ALGAENIA® is a concentrate of peptides obtained from Chlamydomonas acidophila microalgae using a bio-enzymatic process. Laboratoires Expanscience, sources microalgae using an innovative and patented technology: photobioreactors.


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ALGAENIA® acts as a real cocoon for the skin. It protects it from hypersensitivity and allergic reactions. The skin is then ready to face the difficult conditions of our environment!

Our in-vitro studies have shown that by inhibiting the key markers of inflammation, ALGAENIA® protects the most sensitive skin from over-reactions caused by external factors, such as temperature variations, wind, friction, etc.
It also prevents the skin from over-reacting to nickel, a metal known to be an allergen. To do this, it inhibits the activation of basophils, immune cells, and limits their secretion of histamine, a hormone involved in the allergic reaction.
ALGAENIA® limits skin reactions due to sensitizers and allergens.

ALGAENIA® is an aqueous active ingredient, derived from the microalgae Chlamydomonas acidophila. It is cultivated in France in a sustainable way, to preserve the environment and the biodiversity. Our supply of microalgae is made by photo-bioreactor, an innovative technology patented by our French partner, expert in biotechnologies.

ALGAENIA® is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis, a physical process approved by COSMOS which allows the extraction of peptides from these microalgae.
ALGAENIA® is certified ERI 360, the independent label that evaluates the eco-socio responsibility of cosmetic ingredients!

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