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Aqualicia® Bio*, a hydrating active

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Quenches thirst of skins stressed by modern life

Active cellular hydration

Biomimetic active ingredient
Extract of Acacia macrostachya seeds
Sustainable sourcing from Burkina Faso

INCI : Hydrolyzed Acacia Macrostachya Seed Extract, Maltodextrin (PCPC)

Arbre Acacia macrostachya
Aqualicia® Bio concept
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Redynamization of water flow

Water trap and water distribution in the epidermis

Control of water loss

Cohesion of the Corneum and Granulosum layers



AQUALICIA® Bio* is certified as 100% Organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard

African supply chain

Acacia macrostachya, a shrub native to Western Africa, grows in hot, dry environments.
This species has adapted to these extreme climatic conditions and developed a natural strategy for capturing the water it needs to grow.

AQUALICIA® Bio* is a concentrate of peptides obtained from Acacia macrostachya seeds by a bio-enzymatic process that protects both people and the environment, patented by Laboratoires Expanscience.

Femmes récoltant les graines d'Acacia

Illustration of our responsible actions

Femme (bicolore)

Training of women

in good harvesting practices and in organic farming

Batiment (bicolore)

Promoting the schooling

of children each year since 2011 in Gassan

Protection (bicolore)

Preserving biodiversity

by helping to protect Acacia macrostachya, and by promoting the sowing of diverse plant species (Eucalyptus, Baobabs, etc.)

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AQUALICIA®Bio* is an aqueous active ingredient, extracted from organic seeds of Acacia macrostachya, a small tree well-adapted to the hot and dry climates of the savannah.
AQUALICIA®Bio* is also a biomimetic active ingredient as it replicates the concept of acacia, its tree of origin. It provides optimal and dynamic cellular hydration to the skin in conditions of extreme dryness and physical stress.

AQUALICIA®Bio* improves water trapping abilities and therefore the water content of the stratum corneum by stimulating the actors involved in the NMF formation. It also optimizes water distribution and revitalizes the skin’s water flow by restoring the expression of aquaporin 3, previously altered by defatting. 
Finally, AQUALICIA®Bio* preserves the skin’s water capital by stimulating transglutaminase activity, a key enzyme in the formation of the corneal envelope.

At Expanscience, we source our organic acacia seeds in Burkina Faso. We work with the Ben Nafa Kabo Artisan Women Union of Gassan since 2008, with the help of a local partner, based in Bobo-Dioulasso.
This women union won in 2010, the entrepreneurship award in Burkina Faso. Laboratoires Expanscience helped train 106 women in good harvesting practices when the supply chain was set up in 2013. Moreover, we financed the organic certification of the supply chain and we helped set up the nursing and sowing Acacia macrostachya and other species such as Eucalyptuses and Baobabs

This active ingredient is obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis, a COSMOS certified physical process which allows us to extract peptides and sugars from organic acacia seeds.
AQUALICIA Bio* is also certified ERI360, an independant label which evaluates the eco-socio responsability of cosmetic ingredients!

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