fleurs de lin

Gaïaline®, a regenerating active



from soil to skin & hair

Eco-designed active ingredient from molecular distillation
Concentrate of unsaponifiables from Linseed oil
Regenerative sourcing from France

INCI : Linum usitatissimum (linseed) Seed Oil

Bol de graines de lin avec fleur et huile de lin
Concept : GAÏALINE regenerates from soil to skin & hair
In-vitro & Ex-vivo tests: GAÏALINE protects, strengthens & regenerates
Skin clinical tests: GAÏALINE unifies the face for a smoother touch
Skin Clinical tests : GAÏALINE strengthens the barrier function by boosting ceramides
Hair clinical tests: GAÏALINE protects & fortifies hair from futur damages


Slows down skin ageing

- Protects
- Strengthens
- Regenerates

Protects hair

- Sheathing effect
- Fortifies against futur damage



*Raw material sourced from an «Au Coeur des Sols» (ACS) certified farm

French supply chain

Expanscience sources its linseed oil from a local partner committed to Conservation Agriculture, a regenerative agriculture method. This hyper-local sourcing guarantees perfect product traceability.

GAÏALINE® is a concentrate of unsaponifiables (rich in phytosterols) from flaxseed oil, obtained by molecular distillation.

Principes de l'agriculture de conservation des sols

Illustration of our responsible actions

Protection (bicolore)

Regenerative sourcing

GAÏALINE® is derived from Conservation Agriculture, a method recognized for its ability to regenerate soils, restore the environment and combat climate change.

Brevet (bicolore)

"Au Coeur des Sols" certified farm & oilmill

The oilmill & farm is certified "Au Coeur des Sols" by the APAD (Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture), for its dedication to conservation agriculture.

Champ (bicolore)

Hyper-local & made in France

Our farmer, Ludovic's oil mill is 32km from our production site in Epernon. The linseeds are pressed at his oilmill and then transported directly to our production site.

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GAÏALINE® stands out for its dual beneficial impact on skin & hair, but also for its regenerative sourcing and green production method. Derived from flax sourced from an “Au Cœur des Sols” (Conservation Agriculture)-certified farm & oilmill, this active ingredient is both effective and environmentally-friendly.


In-vitro and ex-vivo studies show that GAÏALINE® protects the key markers of the epidermis, the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ) as well as the dermis (telomeres, keratin 10, filaggrin, hyaluronic acid).
The active ingredient also ensures the integrity of the stratum corneum by boosting ceramides, keratin 14 and collagen 17. Skin feels smooth and even. 

A first clinical study on 48 women (GAÏALINE® vs. placebo) confirms that GAÏALINE®:
-    Strengthens the skin barrier by stimulating the skin’s essential lipids (long ceramides) and maintains its moisture,
-    Reduces the skin micro-relief, class 1 wrinkles and unevenness for a smoother complexion.
GAÏALINE® therefore protects, strengthens and regenerates the barrier function to slow down skin aging. 


A second clinical study was conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of GAÏALINE®on hair:
-   GAÏALINE® protects damaged hair from daily deterioration (discoloration, blow-drying and heat) by creating a protective sheath


GAÏALINE® is produced using the process of molecular distillation which allows us to extract the most active and precious molecules from oil, the unsaponifiables. This process is an expertise of Laboratoires Expanscience.

Only 1% GAÏALINE® in a formulation is required to provide a natural and effective solution to prevent skin aging and protect hair. 

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