Silhouette Skinhairgium®Bio

Skinhairgium® Bio*, a fortifying active


Growth activator and fortifying


Hair growth & strength / anti-wrinkle & skin complexion radiance

Active ingredient from a patented bio-enzymatic process
Extract of Maca, a sacred root
Sustainable sourcing from Peru

2 versions: Skinhairgium® Bio* powder and liquid

INCI : Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract, Maltodextrin

Skinhairgium® Bio concept pour cheveux
Skinhairgium® Bio résultats ex-vivo sur cheveux
Skinhairgium® Bio résultats cliniques sur cheveux
Skinhairgium® Bio concept pour la peau
Skinhairgium® Bio résultats cliniques sur la peau


Stimulates cellular renewal 
Reduces wrinkles and improves luminosity

and radiance of skin tone

Stimulates hair growth & slows down hair loss 
Fortifies & revitalizes hair

while protecting the hair follicle


*SKINHAIRGIUM® Bio* is certified as 100% Organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard

South American supply chain

Maca, revered for its medicinal properties, grows in fragile soils. This tuber is one of the very rare plants able to survive in the extreme climatic  conditions common on the high Andean plateaux. It is commonly called "Peruvian ginseng" for its energising properties.

SKINHAIRGIUM® Bio* is a concentrate of active molecules obtained from an enzyme hydrolysis of Maca powder, a process that protects both people and the environment, patented by Laboratoires Expanscience.

Homme tenant de la maca

Illustration of our responsible actions

Protection (bicolore)

Priority to endemic species

sourced exclusively from Latin America, its land of origin.

Champ (bicolore)

Respect for traditional farming practices

the land is cultivated for two years then left fallow for the next ten.

HF (bicolore)

Transfer of know-how

including technologies for washing and drying at altitude.

Brevet (bicolore)

Supply chain certified Fair for Life

by Ecocert, since 2019!

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SKINHAIRGIUM® Bio* is a natural active ingredient, 100% organic, extracted from a sacred Peruvian root, maca. It has demonstrated a dual effectiveness on hair (growth, slowing hair loss, strengthening and revitalizing effect) and on skin (anti-wrinkle, radiance and brightness of the complexion). 

Maca is sourced locally in Peru, via a responsible supply chain managed by Laboratoires Expanscience for optimal transparency throughout the supply chain. The social and environmental impacts of this supply chain are identified, and actions as well as measures are launched in accordance with the expectations of our stakeholders. 

Sourced in the Andean highlands, maca is then processed in Peru by Deshidratados Tropicales, a company acquired by Expanscience in 2016 to secure its supplies and strengthen the traceability of its raw materials. Futhermore, in 2019, our maca supply chain was awarded the FAIR FOR LIFE label. 

The active ingredient is also derived from a green and environmentally friendly process : enzymatic hydrolysis. This biotechnological process does not generate any solvent.

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