Calybiota® Bio's new deodorant efficacy

Calybiota Bio’s deodorant efficacy, new clinical results on axillary microbiome.

Previously known for rebalancing women’s intimate flora, Calybiota® Bio reinforces its "well-being" focus with new results on the axillary flora through a clinical study conducted on men's armpits. Calybiota® Bio's beneficial effect has been confirmed by a clinical study with 1.5% of Calybiota Bio (vs placebo) conducted on 27 men with a perspiration odor (intensity 4 or more on a 0-10 scale).

Déodorant naturel

Rising market demand

The deodorant market is estimated to reach USD 119.24 billion by 2030*.  

Cosmetic demands like naturality, quality and efficacy also apply to the booming deodorant market. In fact, natural claims in deodorants have risen every year as consumers continue to be more conscious on what they apply on their skin.

Calybiota® Bio meets market demand as a 100% natural and COSMOS-certified active ingredient, with sustainable sourcing and, above all, proven efficacy in vitro & ex vivo.

*Data Bridge Market Research forecasts (2023)

The axillary microbiome

The skin is colonized by billions of bacteria that regulate our immunity and barrier functions, meaning that preserving the microbiota homeostasis are essential to maintain a healthy skin.

In order for the skin microbiome to function properly it must be in a state of balance based on the quantity and diversity of bacteria present. If these two parameters change, dysbiosis (imbalance) occurs and undesirable bacteria can colonize the skin, reducing its barrier function against aggressions, and more specifically for the axillary area, leading to unpleasant odours.

Man putting on deodorant

Calybiota Bio’s deodorant efficacy on the axillary flora 

Prebiotic effect

Calybiota® Bio increases the ratio of Staphylococcus over Corynebacterium, proving its beneficial prebiotic effect on the axillary microbiome.


Calybiota® Bio preserves the integrity of the axillary microbiome as it does not impact the bacteria diversity and/or quantity.

Reduces VOCs responsible for bad odours

Calybiota® Bio reduces the total quantity of Volatile Organic Compounds by -56.8% compared to placebo.

Calybiota® Bio is the perfect opportunity ingredient to develop natural deodorant formulations that respect and support a healthy equilibrium of the axillary microbiome for an anti-bad odor effect.
It is 100% natural and COSMOS-certified active ingredient extracted from red kapok tree flower sustainably sourced in Africa.


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