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A proven action on the rebalancing of the skin microbiota

Rich in polyphenols, Cleome gynandra extracts, PIXALIA® limits impurities & skin imperfections: a complete solution for healthy skin!

41% of adult women are affected by acne, which can be due to various factors such as hormonal changes, fatigue, stress or pollution. However, few make the link between the balance of their skin microbiota and acne.

We now know that acne is not linked to an overproliferation of the C. acnes bacteria but rather to a loss of diversity and an imbalance between healthy and acne-prone strains of this bacterium.

PIXALIA® rebalances the skin microbiome by targeting the pathogenic strains of C. acnes (phylotype I) without impacting the healthy strains (phylotype II), for a gentler anti-acne treatment that respects the skin's balance.
It also reduces skin inflammation and rebalances the quality and quantity of sebum while respecting normal to dry skin.


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Fleur du Cléome gynandra