Our peptide-based ingredients

"Expanscience takes part in the peptide revolution in cosmetics"

At Laboratoires Expanscience, we offer naturally-derived peptide actives and use biotechnological processes that do not require solvents, for a minimal impact on our environment. 

What is a peptide? 

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins. They play a crucial role in the body, acting as signals recognized by cellular receptors. Thanks to their small size, they are more easily assimilated by our skin. 

What are the benefits of peptides for the skin? 

Peptides have many advantages. They are often multifunctional ingredients that have different effects on the skin: anti-aging, firming, moisturizing, brightening, etc.

graines de lupin

We currently offer 6 peptide-rich active ingredients:

  • Effipulp, an anti-aging, plumping and detoxifying active ingredient that boosts endogenous hyaluronic acid synthesis, upcycled from avocado cakes, sourced in Peru.

  • Actimp Bio, our anti-aging active ingredient that fights photo and chrono-aging, extracted from organic white lupin seeds.
  • Algaenia, a cocooning active ingredient that soothes and protects even the most sensitive skin from allergic reactions. Extract of micro-algae sourced in France. 
  • Aqualicia Bio, our biomimetic active ingredient, extracted from acacia seeds, boosts skin cell hydration. 
  • Sweetone Bio, our imperfection-correcting active ingredient, extracted from schisandra berries sourced in China.
  • Skinhairgium Bio,our skin and hair fortifying active ingredient, extracted from maca sourced in Peru.

For more information on our peptide ingredients, read Premium Beauty News' interview with our Director of Innovation and Development, Sophie Leclère.

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