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Actimp® Bio*, a well-ageing active

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Prevention of photoageing & chronoageing

Anti-ageing, anti-gravity 

Eco-designed active ingredient
100% sweet lupine peptides
Sustainable farming in France
2 versions: ACTIMP® Powder Bio* and ACTIMP® Liquid

INCI : Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein

Lupin blanc
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Strengthens the dermal-epidermal junction

Stimulates expression of the essential components of the dermis-epidermis cohesion

Protects the key actors of the dermal matrix

Inhibits metalloproteinases 1, 9, 3

Restores the elastic properties of the skin

Preserves the dynamic properties of the dermis


COSMOS certifiedUpcycledERI360OKCHINA



*ACTIMP® Powder Bio is certified as 100% Organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard

French supply chain

Lupine is a legume whose seeds are very high in protein and contain secondary oil and minor biologically active components. This plant is an important source of molecules for cosmetic and nutritional products.

ACTIMP®  Bio* is a concentrate of lupine peptides obtained directly from the seeds, using a bio-enzymatic process patented by Laboratoires Expanscience.

Champs de lupin

Illustration of our responsible actions

Champ (bicolore)

Exclusively French supply chain

sourced from organic farming projects

Euro (bicolore)

Stimulation of economy in the South West of France

where lupine is grown according to organic agriculture principles

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ACTIMP® Bio* is a hydrosoluble active ingredient, extracted from organic sweet white lupine, 100% made in France: lupine is grown in the West of France and the active ingredient is produced in France.

This active ingredient is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis, a COSMOS-certified physical process that allows to obtain the peptides from the seeds. ACTIMP® Bio* is an active ingredient ultra concentrated in peptides: 100% from lupine!
ACTIMP® Bio* is ERI 360 certified, the independent label that evaluates the eco-socio responsibility of cosmetic ingredients!

ACTIMP® Bio* is the ideal active ingredient to preserve the skin's tone and firmness and thus prevent the visible signs of aging. Our studies have shown that ACTIMP® Bio* protects and strengthens the dermal matrix.

ACTIMP® Bio* inhibits the production of proteinases in the dermis, which are responsible for the degradation of extra-cellular matrices. These matrices are essential to the structural and functional maintenance of skin tissue. Thus, at the level of the dermal-epidermal junction, key constituents, such as laminin 5 and collagen 4, are preserved and even stimulated. At the level of the dermis, ACTIMP® Bio* stimulates the densification of the dermis by activating the production of Collagens I and 3. ACTIMP® Bio* thus acts on the EDD and the dermis to prevent aging. 
Finally, we show that ACTIMP® Bio* improves the contraction capacity of fibroblasts, and thus combats the loss of firmness and elasticity of the dermis. ACTIMP® Bio* is therefore an excellent active ingredient with a tightening effect.

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