Silhouette Pixalia®

Pixalia®, an anti-acne active


Untouched beauty,

Re-balancing of the skin microbiota with a zoom on oily skin with acneic tendencies

Eco-designed active ingredient
Cleome gynandra polyphenols
Responsible sourcing from Burkina Faso

INCI : Propanediol, Water, Cleome Gynandra Leaf Extract

Récolte de Cléome gynandra
Concept de Pixalia®
Resultats cliniques de Pixalia®


Acts on specific lipids associated with acne
Improves quality of sebum

Reduces quantity of peroxidized squalene

Reduces inflammation 

Inhibits key markers involved in inflammatory response to P. acnes


*Raw material approved by Ecocert Greenlife, conform to the COSMOS Standard

African supply chain

Cleome gynandra is a plant known for its high level of polyphenols and particularly flavonoids, which are molecules with significant anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

PIXALIA® is an extract rich in polyphenols, obtained exclusively from the dried leaves of Cleome gynandra, using an extraction process that protects both people and the environment, patented by Laboratoires Expanscience.

Filière Afrique

Illustration of our responsible actions

Feuille (bicolore)

Promotes the production of organically-certified Cleome gynandra crops

Euro (bicolore)

Creates a new outlet for this plant which stimulates the economic development of Burkina Faso.

Batiment (bicolore)

Promotes the self-reliance of local populations: grants to purchase production and storage equipment.

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After the age of 20, oily skin with a tendency for acne still impacts 1 in 5 adults. Today, we know that acne is not linked to an overproliferation of the C. acnes bacteria (previously known as P. acnes) but rather to a loss of diversity and an imbalance between healthy and acne-prone strains of this bacterium.
PIXALIA® acts on microbiota balance, and limits the skin impurities & imperfections to recover a perfect skin grain.

PIXALIA® is aqueous active ingredient, extracted from the leaves of Cleome Gynandra, sourced in Burkina Faso and Thailand, two of Expanscience’s well-known supply chains.

Traditionally used in culinary or medicinal preparations, Cleome Gynandra is a plant known for its high level of polyphenols and particularly flavonoids, which are molecules with significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

This active ingredient is obtained through a propanediol/water extraction, a COSMOS approved process which allows us to concentrate the polyphenols contained in the leaves of Cleome Gynandra.

PIXALIA®rebalances the skin microbiome by targeting the pathogenic acne-prone strains without impacting the healthy ones, for gentler anti-acne care that respects the skin's balance. It also reduces skin inflammation and rebalances the quality and quantity of sebum while respecting normal to dry skin. 

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