Rebalances the skin microbiota and especially the women’s vaginal flora for an intimate comfort!

  • Calybiota® Bio, a microbiota balance active ingredient
  • Calybiota® Bio protects the women's intimate flora
  • Calybiota® Bio for the actopic dermatitis
  • Calybiota® Bio for deodorant and anti-acne applications


Eco-designed active ingredient

Polysaccharides of red kapok tree flower (Bombax costatum)

Plant sourced in Burkina Faso


Intimate flora protection

Prebiotic effect on lactobacilli, reduces discomfort sensations, soothes and moisturizes the intimate area for an improved sexuality


Atopic dermatitis

Epidermis protection from S. aureus, a pathogen involved in atopic dermatitis


Acne and seborrheic dermatitis

Inhibition of pathogenic strains C. acnes and M. furfur



Reduction of axillary odors related to C. xerosis, C.striatum and S. epidermidis strains


* Raw material certified as 97,03% Organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard

CSR and method

Red kapok tree flower

African plant supply chain

Our active ingredient Calybiota® Bio is extracted from the calyxes of the red kapok tree flowers. The calyx is the part located at the base of the flower; they are traditionally used in African dishes to bind sauces.

The red kapok tree is an oxalogen tree, meaning that it has the "oxalate-carbonate pathway" in its metabolism allowing it to form calcium carbonate in the soil, one of the most sustainable forms of carbon sink.


Calybiota® Bio is an extract rich in polysaccharides, obtained from the red kapok tree calyxes, using an extraction process that respects both man and the environment, patented by Laboratoires Expanscience.


Example of our responsible actions:


  • Flowers collected in the classified forest and biosphere reserve of the “mare aux hippopotames de balla” in the commune of Satiri (UNESCO's "Man & the Biosphere" program)
  • Transfer of know-how with training in good harvesting practices
  • Field study for the Environmental and Social Impact Notice submitted in 2020 to the National Agency for Environmental Assessments
  • Construction of the cooperative's headquarters in the Balla village (warehouse, office, and meeting room)

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