Silhouette Calybiota®Bio

Calybiota® Bio*, a microbiota active

Calybiota Bio

Rebalances the skin microbiota!

Prebiotic effect & microbiome-friendly

Eco-designed active ingredient
Polysaccharides of red kapok tree flower (Bombax costatum)
Plant sourced in Burkina Faso

INCI : Glycerin, Water, Bombax Costatum Flower Extract

fleurs du kapokier rouge
Calybiota Bio's concept
Résultats cliniques de Calybiota® Bio
Résultats in vitro de Calybiota®Bio sur la dermatite atopique
Résultats in vitro de Calybiota®Bio sur l'effet déodorant


Intimate flora protection

Prebiotic effect on lactobacilli, reduces discomfort sensations, soothes and moisturizes the intimate area for an improved sexuality


Beneficial prebiotic effect for deodorant application, reduces volatile organic compounds responsible for unpleasant odours

Atopic dermatitis

Epidermis protection from S. aureus, a pathogen involved in atopic dermatitis

Acne and seborrheic dermatitis

Inhibition of pathogenic strains C. acnes and M. fufur

COSMOS Certified

*CALYBIOTA® Bio is certified as 97,03 % Organic Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard 

African supply chain

CALYBIOTA® Bio* is extracted from the calyxes of the red kapok tree flowers.The red kapok tree is an oxalogen tree, meaning that it has the "oxalate-carbonate pathway" in its metabolism allowing it to form calcium carbonate in the soil, one of the most sustainable forms of carbon sinks.

CALYBIOTA® Bio* is an extract rich in polysaccharides, obtained using an extraction process that respects both man and the environment.



Lac au Burkina Faso

Illustration of our responsible actions

Fleur (bicolore)

Flowers collected in the classified forest and biosphere reserve controled by the UNESCO program "Man & the Biosphere"

Protection (bicolore)

Transfer of know-how with training in good harvesting practices

Brevet (bicolore)

Field study for the Environmental and Social Impact Notice submitted in 2020 to the National Agency for Environmental Assessments

Batiment (bicolore)

Construction of the cooperative's headquarters in the Balla village (warehouse, office, and meeting room).

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In October 2022, CALYBIOTA® Bio* won the Sustainable Ingredient Award at the Sustainable Cosmetics European Summit organized by Ecovia Intelligence in Paris.

CALYBIOTA® Bio* is a skin microbiota balance active ingredient extracted from red kapok tree flower. This tree is sourced by Laboratoires Expanscience in Africa, in a classified forest and biosphere reserve protected by a UNESCO program.

The red kapok tree is an oxalogen tree, which means it is able to store durably atmospheric carbon dioxide in the soil by transforming it into limestone. This property is very interesting for the decarbonization of the environment!

CALYBIOTA® Bio* helps all women feel good & comfortable in their intimacy. The balance is restored to boost sexual well-being!
Today, women are speaking more freely about their intimacy and want to limit their discomfort but very few products meet consumers’ specific needs. CALYBIOTA® Bio* is a unique opportunity to develop formulations able to act on women well-being!

This active ingredient is also recommended for acne-prone skin, skin prone to atopy/eczema or hypersensitivity, as well as for deodorant formulas.

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