Noix d'illipé

Organic Illipe Butter*

Beurre d'illipé

A melting butter for a rejuvenated skin

Good for your skin & for the planet!

Organic Illipe Butter* is extracted from the nuts' seeds of the Shorea stenoptera tree
Sourced in Indonesia, it helps preserving the Borneo rainforest from deforestation

INCI : Shorea Stenoptera Seed Butter

Séchage des noix d'illipé
Texture du Beurre d'Illipé


Moisturizes, nourishes & protects your skin

Thanks to its naturally balanced fatty acid composition

Ideal for solid vegan formulations

Thanks to its high melting point

COSMOS CertifiedFair for LifeOKCHINA
*Organic Illipe Butter is certified as 100% Organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard

Asian supply chain

Organic Illipe Butter* is made from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera tree, which grows in the Borneo rainforest in Indonesia. Traditionally used to moisturize skin, as well as heal sores and sunburns.

The seeds of the Shorea stenoptera nuts are sun-dried, pressed and filtered. Then, the crude illipe butter is refined, deodourised and decolourised so it does not impact the color and smell of cosmetic formulations.

Orang outan dans une forêt tropicale

Illustration of our responsible actions

Biodiversite 03 (bicolore)

1kg of butter sold = 135m2 of forest preserved

from deforestation, thus protecting the orang-utans' habitat

Euro (bicolore)

Creates an alternative source of income

for the local communities by increasing the economic value of the remaining forest and thereby encouraging them to keep on protecting it

Batiment (bicolore)

Zero waste treatment unit

who presses and filters the illipe nuts

Brevet (bicolore)

Supply chain certified Fair for Life

by Ecocert

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The wild ripe nuts of the Shorea stenoptera tree are harvested by hand from the forest floors of Borneo, then boiled to soften their hard shells. Once opened, the seeds are dried in the sun and then pressed and filtered to obtain a pure and raw product. 
The Organic Illipe Butter* is then refined, deodorized and decolorized in a refinery certified for organic production.

Very close to shea butter and cocoa butter in its composition, the Organic Illipe Butter* has a slightly higher melting point. This makes it ideal for use in the formulation of solid vegan cosmetics.


Over the past 50 years, more than 50% of Borneo's original rainforest has disappeared to make way for monoculture plantations, mainly palm. The use of Shorea stenoptera nuts helps prevent deforestation and thus protects the habitat of the orangutans. 

Let's preserve biodiversity in Borneo together: 1 kg of formulated Organic Illipe Butter* is 135m2 of rainforest preserved!

In addition, the harvesting of these nuts creates an alternative source of income for local communities, increases economic opportunities for women, and improves the skills and health conditions of workers. 

Our Organic Illipe Butter* is Fair for Life certified.

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